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Interchangeable triple python leather strap for U'TURN bracelet.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

Interchangeable triple-wrap snake leather strap for U'TURN interchangeable strap. Fits all clasps of the unisex U'TURN bracelets range. This bracelet strap is sold without a metal clasp.


  • Width 9mm
  • Lining in natural vegetal croupon
  • Double-sided hand threading
  • Snake leather
  • Colors : Black snake, royal blue, silver gray, jade, white.


Choose the size of the leather according to the size of your UTURN bracelet clasp. If replacing an existing model, identify the size of your U-TURN strap, looking inside your current leather, this is indicated by a Small, Medium or Large marking.

Select color
Select size

The sizes of our bracelets are indicated in the table below in centimeters. That's why you need to know your wrist circumference in centimeters. We recommend that you accurately measure your wrist size using a tape measure. If you don't have a measuring tape, print your tape measure here.

If your wrist measurement is right between two sizes, for example 16.5cm, a number right between our SMALL and MEDIUM size, you can choose both a SMALL and a MEDIUM size for our bracelets being adjustable. The larger size will have a less tight effect than the smaller size.


wrist circumference in centimeters
BRACELETS Unique size S M L XL
U-TURN SIMPLE 16 à 17,5 17,5 à 19,5 19,5 à 21
U-TURN TWICE 16 à 17,5 17,5 à 19,5 19,5 à 21
U-TURN TRIPLE 13 à 16 16 à 17,5
U-TURN 28 13 à 15,5 15,5 à 17,5
U-ROCK 13 à 16 16 à 17,5
17,5 à 19,5
URAEUS HOMME 16 à 17,5 17,5 à 19,5
URAEUS FEMME 14,5 à 16,5
APOPHIS 14,5 à 16,5
SPARTIATE 15,5 à 18,5


Our leather bracelets are associated with clasps all of our design. They are made from a brass base or on a steel base.


We work on a brass base over which is coated a high quality silver and palladium plating. When the metal is gold in color, it is coated with 3 microns of gold, i.e. 30 times more than a jewel "gilded with fine gold".



We have chosen to work with 316L surgical steel. Steel is an extremely hard metal that does not fear oxidation. The Silver, Gold, Gun and Black colors are obtained through a high resistance PVD treatment*. Whether it is an Ursul bracelet or belt, you can therefore be sure that it will accompany you for a long time.

*PVD treatment
PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment is a metal plating process that the luxury watch industry has borrowed from high-tech industry. This process makes it possible to obtain a very wide range of colors (Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, Black Steel, Gun Steel) and has the characteristic of being extremely resistant to wear and oxidation. 

Returns :

You have the possibility to exchange your product within a 21 days from receipt of your order. Return postage costs are at your expense, reshipping of the exchanged product will be at our expense. Packages must be returned in colissimo with signature and insurance.

Refunds :

You have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to return the products and get a refund. After receipt and inspection of the item, we will refund the amount paid excluding shipping costs by the same payment method used when placing your order within a maximum of 10 working days.

Customer Reviews

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Génial !!

Magnifique bracelet en bleu électrique !!
J'adore l'idée d'acheter plein de lanières à assortir au gré de mes tenues. On a hâte d'avoir des déclinaisons en autruche, croco ou tout simplement en cuir grainé avec surpiqure contrastante...
Bref un bracelet qu'on a envie de garder longtemps, de porter tous les jours en changeant de couleur !!