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Terms and conditions

By signing the order form at the back of the general conditions of sales and submitting it to the S.A.R.L URSUL (Registration number 485 138 424 RCS PARIS), when acquiring jewels of the trade mark URSUL, taken together or separately and whatever the quantity (« the order »), the purchaser accepts these general conditions entirely .

Should there be any modification mentioned on the present form it shall have to be countersigned by URSUL to be disputed against them.

Should there be any contradiction between these general conditions of sales and any other document, the conditions of sales shall prevail.

In case of shipping to another country than France, overseas France included, the customer becomes the importer.

The items are delivered CIP to customer's (Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2000).

Duties or other local taxes or importation rights or state taxes shall be borne by the customer.


The acceptance of the offer presented by the URSUL sales representative is materialized by the order form . A copy of it dated and signed by both parties will be held by the customer.

Sold items shall remain the property of URSUL until full payment is considered effective, i.e. only once money has been actually received, according to act Nr 80 355 , May 12,1980.


Prices of the URSUL jewels presented to the customer are indicated in euros net of taxes. All order, wherever the origin, shall be paid in euros. Rating conditions are communicated to the customer upon request.

Our items are sold cash. The customer shall pay by cheque the entire amount of the order at the acceptance of the offer made by the URSUL sales representative, in the conditions described here above in article 2.

The customer can split his payment in two :

Submittal of 2 cheques of 50% of the total amount each.

The first cheque of 50% of the total amount shall be cashed by the company on the last working day within the month of order.

The second cheque of 50% of the total amount shall be cashed on the last working day within the month of delivery.

Should the order be placed on a month last working day, the cheque shall be cashed at the end of the following month.

Should the payment be irregular, incomplete or inexistent, for whatever reason, URSUL sales representative, reserves the right to cancel the delivery of all ordered items, or even, with no limit in time, to claim on the item related to the disputable order

Any delay in payment, shall imply the payment of financial interests of 1,5 times the legal rate based on the duty free amount of the invoice. These shall be delay accruing interests by right from the day following the date of the invoice.


According to availability from stock the delivery dates shall vary between a week and twelve weeks after the order has been placed.

The URSUL sales representative shall mention the expected delivery date on the order form. By signing it, the customer shall give written consent.

The items shall be delivered by mail or by a transport company, and in all cases, the items shall submitted upon the signing of a delivery order

Should the customer be absent on the delivery date, he shall have to go and collect the ordered item at the address mentioned by the transport company, according to the terms and conditions described by the latter on the note left at the delivery address. In the event of the package not being collected within the time mentioned on the delivery note, the related item shall be returned to URSUL who reserve the right to refund the buyer in the best delay – after deduction of the items shipment costs- and to keep the ordered item. The item shall not be delivered poste restante . Should there be damages directly related to dispatch, the customer shall mention his reserves on the delivery order and shall quickly inform URSUL by fax within 48h. URSUL cannot be held responsible for any delay in delivery, particularly if it results from events or circumstances outside their reasonable control, Acts of God (force majeure), such as strikes or bad weather conditions, …which shall not justify any order cancellation , discount on the price charged to the customer and the payment of any penalty.

Arcticle 5 : RETURNS

The customer may return an item within 7 days of delivery as per order.

Only the purchase price plus the shipping charges will be refunded, but no penalty shall be paid, for items returned in their original packaging. Refund shall be processed after control of the returned items to the following address.


184bis ru du faubourg saint martin 75010 PARIS

Tél + 33 1 42 39 90 09

All items incomplete, damaged, spoilt or dirtied by the customer shall not be reclaimed .

Article 6 : REMARKS OF USE

The customer of the URSUL Jewellery will have to draw his buyer's attention on the remarks of use.

URSUL jewels are in natural leather and in silver 925.

It is highly recommended not to swim with the jewels, not to expose them unnecessarily to a strong light to avoid any fading of the leather, not to use any detergent or perfume likely to damage the materials used, directly on the jewels.

URSUL jewels are under warranty for any production defect during one (1) year.