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Men's bangle bracelets

Between chic minimalism and sleek design, our men's bangle bracelets also have something unique about them. In constant search for a subtle balance between simplicity and assertive style, this collection of mens bracelets is for men looking for a new or rediscovered elegance.

A unique design men's bangle bracelet.

The design of our men's bangle bracelets stands out among all: it is ovoid with one or two flat areas to adapt as closely as possible to the morphology of the wrist. The closure system of our jewelry is inspired by the world of leather goods and nestles discreetly to be forgotten. As a distinctive sign, all our men's bracelets have a U-shaped notch.

This elegant notch in the metal, the U of our Ursul brand, as a symbol of Uniqueness and Universality and which is suitable for an audience with a Unisex and Urban style. This U splits and turns to become one, and creates the Ursul monogram, logoed on our boxes.

This notch is the signature of our brand Ursul Paris, designer of high-end jewelry , modern and timeless.

The bangle

The stylish men's bangle bracelet

Closest to your wrist, Ursul men's bangle bracelets affirm your personality with style, and adapt to all looks from the most casual to the most chic.

The men's bangle bracelet by Ursul

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