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Between chic minimalism and sleek design, our men's bangles have something unique about them. The search for a subtle balance between simplicity and assertive style.

Unique design.

The design of our bracelets stands out among all: it is ovoid with one or two flat areas to adapt as closely as possible to the morphology of the wrist. When necessary, the closure system inspired by leather goods discreetly hides away. Like a signature, All our bracelets have a discreet U-shaped notch to complete the design.

Silver or gold cuffs.

Silver rushes are sometimes adorned with 18 carat gold and become vermeil when they are not in brass. The manufacturing is made in France somewhere in the French Alps.
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A few tips to help you choose your bangle better.

If you know your wrist size, refer to the size guide for our bangle bracelets available here

The most common choice when it comes to a men's bangle is the matte or brushed finish. This is a discreet brushing which gives the bracelet a matte finish which is therefore more discreet. This is the most common choice for a man. For those who like things that shine, choose a polished metal model: you can almost see yourself in it!

After the mechanical finish of rare metal from the
Platinum family on our bangle bracelets, we then perform an electrolytic bath.
The electrolytic bath has two functions :

1. It protects the silver from the natural phenomenon of oxidation

2. it can bring a different color from the metal base, and then become
truly decorative.

The silver color is protected by a layer of rhodium or palladium.
It is the case for Saturn bangles.

The black silver color is provided by a layer of ruthenium which gives the silver this anthracite gray color.

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For our range of men's bangle bracelets, we work with 925 silver and brass.

Brass is a very good quality metal used in high-end decoration.

Agent 925 is called 925 thousandths because in 1000 grams of silver, there is at least 925 grams of pure silver. French law prohibits any alloy with a lower silver content. Above a rate of 925, silver is too soft. Below it is too brittle. 925 per thousand is therefore the optimal quality / resistance choice.

Whatever you choose, you are certain of a quality metal.

Our "gold" colored bangles aren't just the color of gold! We have chosen to offer you a range in "vermeil" gold. Vermeil is 925 silver on which is applied 5 microns of 24 carat gold, the purest gold. A silver bracelet with 5 microns of 24 carat gold can therefore be called a vermeil bracelet. Which is thick enough to last over time. By way of comparison, some brands that use the term "fine gold gilded" only apply 0.1 micron of gold to the jewel. That's 50 times less than what we guarantee.

To guarantee the authenticity of our metals, we hallmark our bracelets. The use of punches is extremely regulated since not everyone has the right to punch. A silver bangle which therefore has hallmarks is therefore the best guarantee of the authenticity and quality of the metal of your bracelet.

The different hallmarks we use:

A diamond at the head of a neck brace to signify French manufacture.

A 925 hallmark to guarantee that the bangle is indeed made in silver.

A V for you guarantee the bangle is gold vermeil.

So you know!

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