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Women's leather bracelets

A collection of women's leather bracelets whose inspiration draws its roots from the masculine feminine in a graphic and architectural style. These women's bracelets are therefore aimed at those who handle the art of diversion to perfection and play with conventions. The materials are beautiful and combined in a raw or refined way. A collection of beautiful materials and in a beautiful way, with subtle luxury.


The customizable and interchangeable women's leather bracelet.

A bracelet that dresses in three arms. Its "half bangle" style clasp fits perfectly and bears the U notch, symbol of our brand. The strap is available in matte leathers which will quickly become your second skin as the leather strap acquires a patina. Chic women will undoubtedly prefer the glossy of our iridescent leathers or the subtle luxury of an exotic python leather skin.

Customizable triple wrap bracelet

Hand made Paris

Our women's leather bracelets are made in Paris.

The leather is carefully selected. When we can, we favor vegetable tanned leathers, which respect the environment and which reveal the true quality of the skin. What is called in the trade "the transparency of leather". Full grain and first choice leathers that we work with finesse in the tradition of small luxury leather goods with the same partner since our origins in 2006. A craftsman who jealously guards his manufacturing secrets and with whom we have the pleasure of collaborating . We are therefore proud to display the label "Hand made Paris"

Women's leather bracelet by Ursul

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Ursul Paris leather bracelets are available in many ways. Our models are available in single, double or triple turn bracelet. These great classics are available in various colors and metal finishes to suit all women.

Ursul Paris also offers women's leather cuff bracelets. Wider, these cuff bracelets are therefore slightly more imposing. These models also come in different styles, metal designs, colors and types of leather used. Ursul Paris women's leather bracelets are also bracelets of strength imposing and yet refined, perfect for an always chic look.

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Between minimalism and innovation, Ursul Paris is positioned as a brand of high-end women's leather bracelets. Their unstructured designs and their chic and modern look make them real must have jewels. Even for our most imposing leather bracelets, such as the Ursul Paris cuff bracelets. If you prefer all-metal jewelry, Ursul Paris also offers women bangles .

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