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How to maintain the leather of its Ursul bracelet?

Leather is a living material that must be treated with care so that it preserves durably its qualities and the beauty of its appearance.

Be sure to moisturize your leather regularly with a soft cloth and a clear cream for leather or a moisturizing body lotion. This will allow the leather to skate in addition to having a better conservation.

1. Avoid the use of polish as it dries the leather. Just like your skin, leather needs to be hydrated regularly.
2. Avoid passing your leather under water to prevent it from drying out. If, despite all this, it should occur, we recommend drying in the open air and then treating it with a colorless, moisturizing cream. After drying, you can polish it with a soft cloth.
3. Avoid leaving products near a heat source so they do not dry out.
4. Protect leather from perfumes and make-up products.