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Men leather bracelets

At the genesis of the Ursul brand in 2006, the desire to create men's bracelets that stand the test of time and fashions. A men's bracelet that's easy to wear on a daily basis, a second-skin object, which goes with all styles with a form of timeless elegance that fits into all men's fashions. Our collection of men's leather bracelets is made of leather and metal. The materials are beautiful: saddle leathers with authentic luxury are associated with the metal of our manufacture in simple but "remarkable" lines.

Uraeus. A bracelet inspired by the pharaohs.

This leather and brass bracelet was inspired by Uraeus, the protective god of the pharaohs, which was found drawn on the headdresses. Its notched pattern which symbolizes the tail of the snake protects you, and its eye looks at you with benevolence and eternal protection.

Nicolo's choice in a chic adventurer look. @nicolowolf

URAEUS Bracelet

The contemporary men's leather bracelet.

Ursul combines leather with metal to offer men's leather bracelets in a sleek minimalist style. Made in France in the pure tradition of small luxury leather goods, our men's leather bracelets are a guarantee of quality and durability. We develop all the components of our jewelry in order to create design objects with the sole purpose of combining functionality, comfort and aesthetics. Our attention to detail and finishes makes them very high quality men's leather bracelets. Contemporary style accessories, modern and unique.

The men's leather bracelet by Ursul.

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