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Alexis Théry , designer


Designer but above all musician, voyager…
Bought his first piece of jewellery in Mexico.Having broken that taboo, he decided to do everything he could to reconcile men to jewellery.
He learnt about leather working with a Parisian craftsman, and teamed up with a jewellery designer, Ximena Alarcon Cavrois, and a young architect, Felix Millory.
Together, they produced the first line of men’s jewellery, which received wide attention.
This was the birth of Ursul. A first meeting of leather and silver, the play of contrasts and attractions between the noblest of materials.

The adventure had begun, and Ursul soon made a name for itself in the Paris trade shows. In just a few years Alexis Théry established the brand that now enjoys a prominent position in concept stores and international department stores. His aim now is to suggest a new body language specific to men, to inspire a revival of men’s jewellery. Jewellery so alluring that women could be tempted to appropriate it. And many already have. So Alexis Théry created a collection for them. And these two worlds, masculine and feminine, echo one other, defying the codes and enriching each other in this play of mirrors.