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The art of a jewelry and belt designer who loves materials and pure lines.

A line of jewelry and accessories in leather and metal for men looking for beautiful objects that cross fashions.

The luxury of materials, leather and metal, handled with finesse. An incessant search for a purity of lines for a graphic marriage.

A permanent dialogue between suppleness and firmness, warmth and l shine, matte and shine.

Our designs are often unique.

No standard.

There is often something special about our jewelry and accessories. Cradle of our creations, our Parisian office designs all the metal and leather parts of our collections. Functionality, comfort, aesthetics and durability guide us throughout this process.

The union of opposites

In Ursul there are two U's.

U-shaped clasps, notches and a monogram symbolizing two intertwined U's.

U as unique, union, universal and unisex.

For a piece of jewelry that adorns the man, the woman… the couple.