Bijoux made in France.

Homme - Femme - Unisex

A unique design

No standard. Precious or non-precious, we design all the metal components of our jewelry and belts.

Each piece of jewelry is machined to the tenth of a millimeter to fit perfectly with your piece of leather. This is why an Ursul jewel is unlike any other.

Cradle of our creations, our Parisian workshop designs all of the metal pieces from its collections. Functionality, comfort, aesthetics and durability guide us throughout this process. We design your part to the tenth of a millimeter so that Leather and Metal fit perfectly.


All bracelet clasps or jewelry are machined to the tenth of a millimeter to fit perfectly with your piece of leather.

Millimetric machining

The jewel is then bent in a press and requires a certain dexterity to obtain a perfect design.


Le système de fermeture que nous utilisons pour fixer nos cuirs est appelé "Bouton de Col". Nous les soudons un à un sur le bijou. On en compte jusqu'à 6 sur le modèle Femme Additive.


Our jewelry is polished for long minutes by our artisan jewelers to obtain a perfect shine or mat. The final touch is applied by the plating which brings color or protection to the metal.


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Selected leathers

Meticulously selected skins. Premium full-grain leathers.

Notre cuir Ingrassato a été choisi pour son tannage végétal respectueux de l'environnement. Avec le temps les bracelets Ursul s’embellissent d’une patine sans pareil. Les doublures sont réalisées dans un cuir sellier végétal extrêmement résistant, provenance exclusive de la Maison Masure à la réputation sans faille.

Vegetal leather

Our exotic leathers are authentic leathers (python, stingray ...) and come from luxury houses that love nature and respect it.

Exotic leathers

Leather bracelets and belts

A privileged French know-how.

The skins are shaped by the best craftsmen of luxury leather goods for quality Made in France. The leathers of our bracelets are fashioned in PARIS in the workshop of our partner who brings us all his know-how. Hand shaping and finishing, hot iron threading, by our saddler craftsmen.

Belts are manufactured at our partner's in Mazamet, the cradle of French leather.

Les label "Hand made Paris" ou "Made in France" apportent une garantie d’authenticité à nos bracelets et ceintures en cuir.


Our finishes are handmade. The threading is carried out on each piece with a hot iron and gives our bracelets an incomparable finish and also contributes to the durability of our products.

Hand threading

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