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Dúo de brazaletes SATURNE de Vermeil y Plata

€455.00 €506.00

Ursul celebra el día de San Valentín con el dúo de brazaletes SATURNE en plata vermeil. Con su sencillez intemporal y unisex, este brazalete simboliza el vínculo inquebrantable que comparte con su otra mitad: el brazalete se abre y se "esposa" a la muñeca. El dúo está compuesto por un brazalete SATURNE de 5 mm en plata pulida brillante y un brazalete SATURNE de 5 mm en plata cepillada mate.

Joya fabricada en Francia por nuestros artesanos joyeros.

Se entrega en su caja negra mate.

  • Versión de plata: Plata 925/000 rodio.
  • Versión Vermeil: Plata 925/000 bañada en oro de 18 quilates.
  • Peso: & nbsp; 15 gr.
  • Ancho: & nbsp; 5 mm
  • Espesor: 1,5 mm
  • Tipo de cierre de botón "Botón de cuello
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How to choose the size of your Ursul bracelet?

The sizes of our bracelets are indicated in the table below in centimeters.
You therefore need to know your wrist size. To find out, we recommend that you accurately measure your wrist size using a tape measure.

If you do not have a tape measure, print it here.

If your wrist measurement is right between two sizes, for example 16.5 cm, a number located right between our size SMALL and MEDIUM, you can choose either a SMALL size or a MEDIUM size our bracelets being adjustable. The larger size will have a looser effect than the smaller size.


Wrist circumference in centimeters

LE JONC 15,5 à 17 17 à 18,5 18,5 à 20
SATURNE 14,5 à 15,5 15,6 à 16,5 16,6 à 17,5 17,5 à 19
DOUBLE U 16,5 à 17,5 17,6 à 19
VERTIGO 14 à 16,5



Our jewelry are in 925/000 silver. When it is rhodium-plated, the silver becomes white and will keep a brilliant shine for a long time. When it is black, it has been plated with ruthenium.

The rhodium plating is an electrolytic deposit of rhodium, a very white, very rare and precious metal, which has the characteristic of protecting metals from oxidation.

Ruthenium is an extremely precious metal with an anthracite black colour. It protects the silver from oxidation.


Vermeil is a precious metal obtained by an electrolytic deposit of 18 carat yellow or pink gold on a 925/000 silver base. This process has been used since antiquity in many civilizations. You will recognize vermeil jewelery by its V-shaped hallmark as a guarantee.


We have chooses to work with 316L surgical steel. Steel is an extremely hard metal that does not fear oxidation. The Silver, Gold, Gun and Black colors are obtained through a high resistance PVD treatment. Whether it's an Ursul bracelet or belt, you can be sure that it will accompany you for a long time.

*PVD treatment
PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a metal plating process that the luxury watch industry has borrowed from high-tech industry. This process makes it possible to obtain a very wide range of colors (Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, Black Steel, Gun Steel) and has the characteristic of being extremely resistant to wear and oxidation.


You have the option of exchanging your product within within 21 days of receipt of your order. The return postage costs are at your expense, the reshipment of the exchanged product will be at our expense. Packages must be returned in colissimo with signature and insurance.


You have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to return the products and get a refund. After receipt and inspection of the item, we will refund the amount paid excluding postage by the same payment method used when placing your order within a maximum of 10 working days.

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